YOUTUBE: 12 YouTube Marketing Ideas For Better Video Rank and Views

Posted on 12/20/2012 by

Youtube Marketing Tips

RedHeadline has just opened a YouTube account and have yet to offer anything up – but we do know the importance of video in your marketing strategy (and ours).

We never want to put out a suck video and look like a bunch of suck faces.

Video rocks the marketing world when well done but many (many) marketers put little time or effort into their most deployable, effective tool and end up looking like car salesmen in the process. Avoid that when you can, please.

The basics are pretty obvious:

Comb your hair.

Look like you give a crap.

Make sure you have ok audio .

That said, the following post goes into more critical details such as SEO considerations, analytics, proper content formatting and other goodies.

Your YouTube channel is like your brand on that site; in fact if you already have a brand name, it should be the name of your channel. If you don’t have a brand name yet, now is the time to think of one that’s short, catchy and easy-to-spell.

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