Why Social Networks Are for Sharing and Not Telling

Posted on 11/29/2012 by

Sharing is caring and this post by @amandashares is dead on in that sharing information that we (actually) enjoy will more than likely be enjoyed by others. I’ll take it a step further however by saying that the content you share should be closely nichified to your audience, and if done so properly, will enjoy potentially huge share love and thus – inbound traffic.

When posting to your social sites it is important that each piece of content you share has a purpose and it should not be to just ask those who see it, to “like” and “reshare” it. You should post content that you enjoy; think is funny, and interesting. Those who agree with you will automatically share and “like” your posts simply because they like it too. You may also have to work for the “like”. Put some thought into the content you share, by adding a clever title or relevant picture to your posts. Even if you feel as though these methods work, the important question to ask yourself is, is it working for the right reasons?

Image courtesy of socialmediatoday.com

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