VIDEO: How A Small Busines Becomes A Content Powerhouse

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content creation ideasCan a content strategy affect site traffic, make you a niche authority, boost your rank and page placement and provide your site loyal viewers?

Yeah, lets just be obvious about it.

@cc_chapman just put out a *very* thorough video on creating and executing a content strategy. Consider it a “primer” on building out a site content writing and posting plan, as well as finding your “voice” and ideas on incorporating your story and personality.

Creating content that people actually like and will inspire them to come back to your site is kind of the point of your site – so keeping your content fresh, compelling and relevant should be the hub of any plan.

Here are 4 content writing tips to help you succeed.

  • Write Interesting, keyword rich headings – This is important not only in helping readers move on to the rest of the story, but is also critical *CRITICAL* for your SEO efforts.
  • Add quotations, links and other supporting proof – Supporting content keeps your post flowing and gives you extra authority (even though its not yours necessarily). Provide links to other stories and by all means provide credit to other sites / authors.
  • Post a picture – Pictures not only add context to your post, but they add interest with a visual anchor, and by breaking up long runs of text. Remember to name your image file appropriately, and add in Alt text for better SEO.
  • WRITE GOOD CONTENT – Keep it real, natural, upbeat and keyword rich (but not too keyword rich). I know its hard to guess how Google and others will change the SEO rules mid game, but they’ll likely never get down on you for creating quality content.

Check out the video and take action!  (run time 57:50)

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