TWITTER: Phones Caked With Fecal Matter Due To Bathroom Tweeting. @getshitter

Posted on 12/19/2012 by

cell phone fecal matter

You thought the end of the world (this Friday) was bad.  It would seem the thing we depend on most is actually a festering breeding ground for fecal matter by cell phone users who Tweet or use other social media while using the toilet. Lovely.

In what is literately a shitstorm of information, studies have found that most cell phone users are engaging peers (not pee-ers) while on the throne and thus contaminating their phones with unsavory left overs. Both men and women are guilty.

Experts say that using an antibacterial cleaning cloth every couple of days will help prevent fecal-matter related illness, such as bad breath.

In related news. will print your tweets on a roll of toilet paper for you to spend even more time on the toilet infecting the world (which ends this Friday). I hope you’re happy GetShitter team.

Click on the infographic for the dirty details.

social media in the bathroom


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