TWITTER: 4 Tips for Using Twitter Ads & Promoted Tweets (video)

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I’ve said for the last 3 years that someday Twitter will rule the social universe. And while I believe I’m still right (just look at the current condition of Facebook) using Twitter promoted tweets is a great way for YOU to become the ruler of your social circle.

Promoted tweets have been proven to be very effective in terms of cost and results. TechCrunch recently cited a company who garnered a 50% increase in engagement from their promoted tweets – something that would be tough to achieve just through the asking of questions or posting the best cat memes.

The company says it sampled 50 Promoted Tweets over the past two months and measured their effectiveness, seeing a 50% increase in engagement on average as compared to regular messages posted on Zecco’s Twitter account.

Check out the full story below…

Defining what you want to achieve with your Twitter advertising program is a key piece to the puzzle and should not be skipped.  Do you want to attract new customers to your company through education, engage current followers with exciting content, or convert fans into customers?  This post shares 4 basic tips for using Twitter advertising as part of your ongoing social strategy….

Here is a quick YouTube video discussing the benefits Twitter promoted tweets.

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