SEO: Top Google Placement – Not So Hard (mostly)

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The following post lays out basic (read: don’t miss these things) SEO principles that help make your site more relevant to Google, etc.

Some of the key ideas are:

  • Long-tail keyword usage.
  • Contextual linking.
  • Relevant back linking

Taking the time to check your keyword density, placement, linking, headers, tags, categories etc (which takes just a few minutes once you have your workflow in place) can help ensure much better odds of ranking well for the keywords you target.

The key to a top search engine ranking is diversifying your keywords a bit to cover several niche markets within the overall market. For instance, you may not be able to be number one for “mortgages,” but you could certainly be in the top five for “Arizona FHA loans,” “Pennsylvania home equity loans,” or “best CA mortgage rates” if you focus on 3-5 word phrases (the long tail) rather than one catch-all keyword like “mortgages.”

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