REPUTATION: 5 Steps You Can Take To Repair Your Damaged Reputation

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Reputation management is real. It can also be a real pain in the ass if you have someone out there bashing your good name because they want more free stuff, or they are just jerks. It can also be a good tool to hone your customer service skills by allowing you to “make it right”, in public, and come out the hero rather than the zero.

I once had a client become irate because I would not keep adding custom features to their website for free.  After many attempts to mooch development time, he resorted to going online and slandering our work and soiling my reputation. It was a tough deal to overcome but by following some basic customer service principles and over-delivering on the “nice”  the air was cleared and we billed him 😉

The following post on reputation-management provides a solid start to help you avoid nasty pit-falls and make things right when things go wrong.

Sometimes the information is from the long ago past and irrelevant, sometimes it’s fabricated by an angry ex, sometimes it’s true, but it’s living out there in the virtual world all the same, just waiting for a prospective employer, college admissions board member, or your newest romantic possibility to see.

Is there anything you can do to guard your online reputation or repair your damaged one? The good news is yes, there is!

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