QR CODES: Do Recyclable QR Codes Make Marketing Easier?

Posted on 12/5/2012 by

QR code usage is growing by leaps and bounds. This year there has been a huge increase in QR code placement in printed ads as well as online to support mobile surfers. QR codes are used to help mobile users get around the web easier by letting them scan the code with their phone which then sends them to a web page. The question is – why have a single QR code that can be used over and over?

Also for your enjoyment here are some free QR code generators on the Internet. Just plug in your information and whamo!.. instant QR code you can use just about anywhere.




Recyclable QR codes (dynamic QR codes) can be used over and over again. What makes them recyclable is that the code is linked to a mobile landing page. The owner of the recyclable QR code can login to the dashboard of that mobile landing page and make changes to the page whenever they want. So, the QR code originally generated for that mobile landing page can be used over and over again.

Image courtesy of searchenginepeople.com

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