MOBILE: Growing Op For Storefront Affiliates

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Ok I admit, I did ALL of my shopping this season through my phone or Kindle Fire, so I’m a little biased when it comes to the future of mobile commerce. Not to mention the fact that only about one-fifth of U.S. cell phone owners are in fact smartphone owners, which means the market is far from mature, and, there is a ton of profit to be made in the mobile commerce space.

For Amazon affiliate marketers, this represents an opportunity for streamlined mobile sales funnels to capture the growing mobile buyers market.

While it may come as no surprise to many of you, there are a variety of trends that point towards a coming avalanche of mobile influence and spending as consumer behavior, marketers, and technology converge to create a perfect shopping storm.

Only 53 percent of all cell phone owners in the U.S. have smartphones as their primary device, according to comScore’s latest figures. With 234 million total cell phone owners in the U.S. (age 13+), that leaves over 110 million cell phone users that have yet to migrate over from their feature phones. Well over 50 percent of new handset purchases are smartphones, which means that market penetration will continue to ascend for the foreseeable future.

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