FACEBOOK: Update – Now Easier For Small Business To Get More Page “Likes”

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Facebook Page likes came less elusive (and more predictable) today with the rollout of an updated Facebook Ad process exclusively designed for increasing “Likes” for small businesses with under 10,ooo fans. The simplified ad creation flow makes ad creation fast, and provides an “accurate” estimate of potential follow count based on your daily budget.

The mockup of the updated Facebook ad tool shows a $5 daily spend curating anywhere from 2 – 17 new likes. A broad estimate which will be affected by the quality of your ad so the details still count.

This Twitter post highlights Facebook Ad’s increased holiday interaction:

INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Ads Lead To More Interaction Over The Holidays – AllFacebook


lorimoreno LoriMoreno

INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Ads Lead To More Interaction Over The Holidays http://t.co/mhQn5i5N

The following post outlines some of the details…

This morning Facebook rolled out a new, simpler way to get more Page likes. It’s aimed chiefly though not exclusively at small businesses (SMBs) with fewer than 10,000 fans. That undoubtedly includes the overwhelming majority of SMBs with a presence on Facebook.

The tools to create the simpler ad unit are in the Page admin console making it more accessible for SMBs who may be less familiar with Facebook’s ad creation flow. Indeed, this is a kind of companion to Promoted Posts, which is a simplified way for SMBs to advertise on Facebook.

Image courtesy of marketingland.com

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