EMAIL: Pop-up Opt-ins – Super effective list growers for information marketers @danzarrella

Posted on 12/19/2012 by

Statistically, email pop-up opt-in forms perform better, providing higher opt-in rates and virtually no change in bounce rates, than sites that do not use pop-ups.

Are pop-ups right for your site? That’s where things become less clear.

For many involved in “information marketing” this is an obvious choice. Information marketing relies heavily on growing a targeted, engaged email list that is receptive to monetized offers and who consume news for a specific niche.

The “warriors” of the internet chant the mantra, “the money is in the list.” Which it is – which means any technology that can increase opt-in rates is not only welcome, but is highly sought after.

Other business may not need or want to use pop-up opt-in technology such as, say, a phlebotomist.

Beyond phlebotomists it becomes more difficult to find a business that is not trying to grow an email list of ready-to-buy customers.

The following post provides some encouraging information on the effectiveness of email pop-up technology. Also check out Dan Zarrella’s post on the study he did.

Pop-ups are irritating at the best of times, and the majority of people don’t enjoy them. Even I am guilty of being a hater. This was until I saw some trusted blogs and bloggers using them and I couldn’t help but wonder why they were using pop-ups. And more importantly how successful they were…

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