EMAIL MARKETING: Get Higher Opens, Click-Throughs and List Loyalty

Posted on 12/6/2012 by

For most Internet Marketers – if you’re without a list, you’re dead in the water. “The money is in the list.” Right? One of the many reasons lists underperform, however, is that marketers simply use them as an ad platform for sales offers and don’t really add any value to the content such as… actual content. This leads to low open and click-through rates, high unsubscribe rates and a serious lack of list loyalty. Check out the infographic in the following post for a break down of how to make your email marketing work for you, more.

You can also check out this post, “7 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Holiday Sales” for some pre-holiday pointers.

I recently posted my online marketing checklist and one of the strategies that has high precedence is email marketing. Email marketing still has a very high return on investment, low cost of entry, and is one of the few push technologies left for marketers to reach out to their current subscribers.

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