COFFEE: Let Your Customers Know The Crap Out Of You

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I’m an Americano drinker. You may be a white mocha drinker, or a vanilla latte nut.

I go to one barista for my americano. I know exactly how it will turn out every time and I anticipate getting the exact way  I like it without fail. I know what I like in an americano… the sweetness, crema, and some raw sugar, and the barista knows that about me. Needless to say they get tipped well because they’ve taken the time to know what I’m after and how to deliver it – thus they are rewarded.

Knowing something (or someone) well, really well, can lead to a strong loyalty and appreciation that is hard to find except through persistence and care. Letting your customer *really* know YOU can have the same benefit – loyalty through familiarity and trust. Take this to heart as you read this post and be not afraid to let your customer into your life and business…

At the end, we did not start a coffee import business for various reasons, one of them being the required scale of investment to make the economics work. However, I ended up with a great friendship and a passion for good coffee. And I learned one important marketing lesson:

You can’t love what you don’t know.

(and neither can your customers)

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