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In a word, Brilliant! Having your own superhero video trailer to promote your blog is like having trailer to promote your next movie – who would have thunk?

Seriously – are you more likely to open your wallet to go see a movie if you can get a sneak-peek through a video trailer? In a world gone mad, the obvious answer is, probably. The same is true for your blog visitors who will be much more likely to opt-in to your email lists, download your free offers, and engage by leaving comments if you can capture their attention with a simple, short, thriller of a trailer where you’re flexing blogging muscles.

The following post provides an outline of how to produce your blog video trailer at no cost.

First, let’s get clear on WHY you should create a trailer in the first place. What will it do for you and your blog?

In addition to their entertainment factor, trailers are killer marketing tools. Absolutely BEASTLY. They can skyrocket your conversion rate, build massive anticipation and spread like viral wildfire.

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