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Do we ever get tired of blog promotion tactics? Noooo. Its probably the most discussed aspect of most bloggers as getting a foothold in the crowded blogsphere can be tough, if not an all-out brawl to the top.

Tweets, backlinks, guests posts – they all mean something as far a getting the word out. But there is an entire audience who is often missed who are looking for relevant, timely information in your niche – the offline crowd. We don’t think of them much (why are they offline anyway? Isn’t that illegal?) but this is an information-hungry crowd who just need the slightest nudge to turn them from “newspaper users” to full-on blog loyalists.

It can get pretty lonely when you’re starting a new blog.You’re blogging away and there’s one lonely soul visiting your blog every day for the fist month.

Start off by telling just three or four close friends and ask them to help critique your new blog while you get started adding plenty of content.They can look for formatting problems and tell you which posts they like best and why.They’ll be your sounding board while you iron out the kinks.

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