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How to Self Publish on Amazon

Super hot right now – Amazon self publishing on the Kindle platform.

Why? Because Amazon has made it both simple to do, and simple to profit from.

There are thousands of new authors on Amazon’s kindle platform who have created their first book, novel or how-to, and self-published right to the kingdom.

I’ve met many authors who have sold hundreds of copies of books their first time out. But we’re not here to talk about selling a few books, are we. We’re here to talk about a plan to help you sell thousands of books, become a best seller and enjoy the self publishing lifestyle.

Matthew Mather is a great example of a novice writer who executed a plan to become a best seller. That’s right. He didn’t just hope for an internet miracle, he devised a plan that, by the end of publishing day, made his book the number one book in that genre.

As always, the real story is in the details – but the following post provides a clear outline of how to turn your best-seller dreams into  reality.

Mather had started writing his novel in 2010, and by 2012 had 150,000 words and 600 pages of The Atopia Chronicles. But he didn’t just throw the novel into the massive Amazon ocean of titles and hope for the best. Using his background in startups and his savvy as an entrepreneur, he created an 11-step program to market and launch the book…

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