5 Smart Ways To Use Video To Market Your Products

Posted on 12/19/2012 by

video marketing tipsThere is nothing more effective than video to capture your customer’s attention and compelling them to take action.

Video is personal, interesting (unless you’re really boring) and instills more confidence in the buyer – kind of the try before you buy thing. In this case, they are trying YOU – seeing if they like and trust you.

Video marketing doesn’t have to be that complicated. Many information marketers use their computer’s built-in webcam to produce the needed content, and more complicated setups have lowered in price in the last couple of years.

Remember, when someone takes the time to look at your production, they are generally seeking information, and if you provide that information in a somewhat interesting / entertaining way – your product can garner a lot of free attention.

Its also important to note that video marketing isn’t just for information marketers. Some of the performing Amazon affiliate sites do well because of live product demonstrations. People love to see physical products in action as well.

The following post provides 5 detailed tips on how to market your products and services using video and is an excellent primer provided by a marketing heavy hitter at Olgilvy.


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